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addicted to addictions…

we all are addicted to one thing or another. drugs,alcohol or smoking can easily noticeable.but there are many addictions,harder to identify…… behavioral addictions…an overwhelming desire to engage in a particular behavior…lack of control over ones behavior……obsessive behavior…..compulsions….despite negative consequences… INTERNET … Continue reading

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joe ,an unparallel friend

joe ,an unparallel friend.

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joe ,an unparallel friend

i was born 1 month after joe.our parents were different…. we were neighbors.we grew together,joined play school together.there was a strong bond we shared, a bond no one could break.we were like one than two individuals.we together went and we … Continue reading

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no body realize…

no body realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. Albert camus some people are workaholic to prove to oneself that he is normal….nothing in his life matters except work….. if work is going smooth life does… … Continue reading

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kochi ,biennale,kerala

I’m sharing my experiences of Kochi, biennale recently concluded..enjoy !

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mom,you must be serious

a mom is the most loved one in the world…. how much a child admires her mom..its beyond words,yet most of the moms ignore to recognize this… my mom too..for me first person in my life was my mom…when i … Continue reading

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a sedentary man

a man with full of anger and distress, he needed to do a sedentary job and, indeed he got one….as security man of our flat. all the time he will be sitting in the half broken chair near the security … Continue reading

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