my friend

ohhh,    yashmin where are you?

you gave me a pet name. for the first time in my life I’m getting such a wonderful name ….kablu

you shared everything with me…

you were not my classmate….but we started college days together in the same college…

we came to know each other……..

you were my first and the best friend in the college…

you talked me as if i were your friend already….you started talking me that way..persuading me deep inside to have you my best friend

i was comfortable talking you hours together… never bothered about me…you talked non-stop…i would be just listening to you

do you remember that coffee house in front of our college..? i do remember every single moment we sat there…enjoying our coffee away, from the crowd…

in the library we read the news paper together…four eyes looking at the same news and whispering to each other in that utter silence…..

i enjoyed your company….i tasted your love and affection there…..

not in the past ,not in the future one is going to take your place in my heart…

we lunched together in that beautiful garden,unlike all our friends..looking at the red rose you told me many stories…stories about your parents…stories about your  relatives..stories about your neighbors….all are still vivid in my memory… were a beautiful story many times you ate meals from my lunch box without taking my permission….

when i tease you for your one way love to our college chairman… took it as a revenge and made him fall in love with you….i admit your guts….did you marry him..?

how many times we walked silently through that hanging iron bridge behind our canteen..that beautiful greenery almost engulfed us many times….we fell into a dreamy world with story books in our hands…..looking foolish and aimless….
laughing with no reason……

i searched you everywhere after i quit the college…just to join my professional degree….

but could no way find you …not even a person like you…who hold me tightly to your heart….enjoying every moment of my presence

and from time to time I would still feel a belated longing for a letter never arrived…..

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