a sedentary man

a man with full of anger and distress, he needed to do a sedentary job and, indeed he got one….as security man of our flat. all the time he will be sitting in the half broken chair near the security hut.since the secretary of the flat is a man of principle he wont allow another chair,unless the chair be completely broken or someone fall from it and badly hurt…!anyway for the time being our man is happy sitting in this chair and sleep the whole time irrespective of whether it is day or night.

when power failure occurs he has to go to the generator room and switch on the generator ,which is very near the security hut. but this man get up from the chair with much effort( his body is heavy!) and murmuring something walk to the generator room very slowly,a 3 metre distance in 10 minutes.by that time someone might be strangled in the lift and suffocate enough,so that he may go and slap this man once he come out from the lift.

this man,his job include open the automatically locking entrance door of the flat to visitors and who doesn’t own a card by using which one can open the door.the slot is fixed just above our headline in the wall ,near the door in one side.if someone asks him to open it,he instantly asks amusingly,don’t you own a card ,in an anguish way and we must politely say,no.then he will slowly get up from the chair,murmuring(expressing his dislike to move from the chair) and walk towards the door like a ball slowly rolling and without taking the card from the shirt pocket extend himself up and show the pocket to the slot with much effort,still tied his hands in back ,to conserve that much energy. in that position someone would misunderstand him doing a circus!

since he will be in sound sleep once darkness crepe in,he hesitate to  open the gate to those return home by night. he himself created a rule that gate wont be open after 10 p.m.!all must return home before that……last week he got dismissed ,,,i expected….unfortunate to loss a man whom i like observe and study…i feel very bad…..some days i used o go down and keenly observe this man’s expressions and body language,when im not in a good mood…observing him cheers me up…i felt very much relaxed every time…! he was such a help…for character study

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